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Forever Young

by H.P. Barrett III

DisAbilityInk.Com Is Up and Running

March, 2000 As if the regular writing assignments, research, and studies weren't enough, I have taken on the editorship of a new dot-com web site under the management of Webseed Publishing entitled DisAbilityInk.Com.

Offering news, features, general information and personal profiles of some really great people, DisAbilityInk allows me to pick back up the writing I've personally missed since the demise of AccessLife.Com.

It's all very new, and I'm wearing too many hats, but I'm having a lot of fun just doing it! Drop by and see for yourself sometime. It's an effort of which I'm proud and hopeful for long and profitable run.

Current Business News Available
by H.P. Barrett III

Keeping abreast of the news, writing editing and rewriting stories of interest to a particular audience is the duty of any good freelance journalist and editor.

See the business writing page...samples and planned pieces are changing constantly, as quickly as the economic outlook, and assignments I accept vary from day to day.

Living With Our Health
by H.P. Barrett III

With the startup of DisAbilityInk (see above), I'm happy to be able to touch on health related issues once again. After AccessLife.Com folded and they removed all of their previous web site content, the links on the affected pages have been rendered invalid!

I've had the pleasure of writing on a broad spectrum of issues including medicines, therapy, celebrations and temporary set backs. ...more

Random Columns Of This & That
by H.P. Barrett III

     I have finally included the columns I write monthly for older Americans that appear in the Lake Minnetonka Navigator (MN). Writing for these people on a variety of themes is a lot of fun.

     Do you remember the headlines created by Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker? The Y2K scare? And the computer hacking nerds who disrupted E-commerce on a somewhat frightening scale?

     These and other not so well known headlines taken from local stories found throughout the country are examined for what they are...more...

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